The Way to Prevent Freebie Scams

About the Author: Kenneth Morris
Kenneth Morris

Most of us enjoy getting things for free but you’ve got to be cautious when picking which offers to register for or even a scam might wind up costing you far more than you bargained for.

Before you ask your following freebie, browse these essential ideas about the best way best to steer clear of scams that are senile. It’ll keep your data safe and protected.

Never Pay for a Freebie

A freebie is not a freebie unless it is free of charge! If a site wants you to cover a freebie, no matter how they twist it, then do not ask it.

Once they have accumulated the cash, they take it and run leaving you and everybody else with no freebie.

Sometimes freebie scams may want you to register to get a “free trial offer” of a single or many online services so as to receive your freebie. At best you won’t ever have the ability to acquire the free trial and at worst that they steal your credit card info.

If a Freebie Is Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

Most freebies are just worth a couple of bucks. Sometimes you will find freebies worth a little more. But you’ll never receive a car, home or big value gift card free of charge – all of these are freebie scams.

A favorite freebie scam on the world wide web is for present cards to favorite shops or restaurants around $500. You will see them in your email, as advertisements on sites, or your buddies sharing them on social networking. These are scams and you should not ask them. They will sell your private info and you’re never going to get the card.

Get Your Freebies from Reputable Sites

Big companies like Walmart and Kraft give out a great deal of free sample postcards. They would like you to test their products expecting you will then go out and purchase them. When a freebie to get a Kraft product is given, ensure it’s in the Kraft site. You are never going to have a freebie that a site does not actually have to give out.=

Smaller companies do sometimes give out freebies. These are largely cheap things like magnets or pens. Should you find a freebie that is around $5 in value provided by a business that you have never heard of, then do not ask the freebie.

As you would like to be certain that you’re asking Saved from a trusted site, it’s also wise to be certain that you’re discovering your freebies on a trusted freebie site. Freebie communities are excellent because people will bill and publicly talk about postcards, helping everybody avoid scams that are senile.

While I visit a freebie from a site I do not understand, I ask myself “What’s this business sending out coupons”? It is logical only as long as they wish to create money from it in the long run, like trusting you are going to purchase the full-sized item.

Do Not Give Away Personal Info You Are Not Comfortable Sharing

Most freebies need at a minimum that you supply your address and name. This is acceptable info to need since they want this information to email the freebie for you. Even though there might be other questions requested to find a freebie, I strongly advise that you simply supply the info necessary to find the freebie. You do not wish to trade on your solitude to get a freebie. Any other non-required information that is requested is probably going to be utilized for advertising purposes only – in other words, more spam and spam.

Many times when you ask a freebie, the corporation is going to need your contact number and email address. This doesn’t necessarily mean the freebie is a scam but if you do not feel comfortable supplying the advice, then do not do it. The same is true for any questions regarding your loved ones or purchasing habits.

If you are concerned about getting scam or junk mails once you request a free sample, then you have got a reason to stress. Most probably you will receive on a record where you are going to get bombarded with spam. I propose getting a free email account which you use just for freebies to keep everything from your own private email.

You ought to not ever give your credit card information or social security number when asking a freebie. If you find this info necessary to get a freebie then that freebie is most likely a scam.

When In Doubt, Move On

Let us say you have a freebie guide on a forum at which other members state the freebie is legitimate. You do not need to give credit card information, your social security number or some other private information you are not familiar with. My advice would be to proceed to another freebie.


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