How to Wash Your Eyeglasses

About the Author: Janet Tuck
Janet Tuck

On the lookout for an affordable and efficient method to wash your glasses? Give a go to dish soap.

How to Clean Glasses with Dish Soap

Rinse your glasses under warm (not hot) water to remove any dirt or debris that might scratch the lenses. Then, rub on a drop of dish soap. Should they want a little care Wash out the frames also. Wash your eyeglasses, wipe them dry with a soft cloth, and voila–you will have clean glasses.

For the very best results, stick with some simple dish soap. The acidity in crimson – or lemon-scented dish soap can damage the coat. It is ideal to avoid dish soaps that are moisturizing. They can leave residue behind.

How It Works

Soap is intended to cut food and dirt, so it does a fantastic job of dividing the oils as well as. And because dish soap was invented to quit drinking glasses streak-free, it is going to leave your glasses streak-free.

Advantages of Utilizing Dish Soap

There are a number of advantages to using dish soap to wash your eyeglasses in comparison to specialty cleansers. Dish soap:

  • Will not discolor lenses, such as ammonia-based glass cleansers
  • will not hurt the anti-glare or scratch-resistant coatings onto your eyeglasses, such as ammonia, vinegar and other household cleansers
  • is environmentally friendly
  • Includes no harsh chemicals or scents
  • won’t scratch your eyeglasses, such as dry cleaning can

And there is nothing additional to purchase. Make use of the dish soap that you use to wash your dishes

Clean Your Glasses on the Go

Can you end up reaching for your shirttail you observe a smudge in your eyeglasses? It is time if you are serious about maintaining your eyeglasses scratch-free. Make your personal eyeglasses cleaner by mixing three components rubbing alcohol and one-part water. You may add a few drops of dish soap to have that power which you are utilized to. Label the jar and keep it.

Make sure you spray on your lenses once them wash so that they do not get scratched. There is no need to wash this solution.

Deep-Clean Your Glasses

Pads have a tendency to yellow with time, and the nose bits will oxidize. Should this happen, you can choose your eyeglasses back to where you purchased them to request a nose pad replacement.

Many shops also offer ultrasonic cleanings, which can help remove any buildup that you are unable to eliminate in your home from the glasses. Make the most of these freebies, and you might have the ability to go.


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