Frugal Retirement Living Strategies for Seniors

About the Author: Janet Tuck
Janet Tuck

Recently retired, and on the lookout for ways to lower your costs, so it is possible to enjoy your retirement, without worrying that your cash will run out? These savings suggestions are only for seniors, for example.


  1. Freeze Your Property Taxes

Many states make it possible for seniors to try it, and it generally just needs a very simple program. Check with your state’s department of taxation to discover if your qualified, and what exactly you want to do in order to apply.

Tip: If your age does not make you qualified for a tax freeze, then see whether your income will. The majority of states provide real estate tax relief for non-profit people.


  1. Reduce Unnecessary Insurance

While homeowner /tenant’s insurance and auto insurance are essential for many retirees, a few other kinds of insurance can no longer be mandatory. If you are debt-free and dependent-free, then it might be time for you to think about ditching your own life insurance plan. And if you are no more working for a living, your disability insurance may go, also. Review your policy and be sure it matches your new lifestyle.

What You Will Save: The Price of any coverages which you cancel


  1. Take a Safe Driving Course

In most states, you are able to snag a reduction on your car insurance by choosing a senior safe driving path. AAA and AARP even provide online classes, and therefore you don’t need to spend time in a classroom to find the discount. Just consult your insurance provider to determine which classes they will accept, prior to signing up for a single.

What You Will Save: 5-10 percent off your premiums


  1. Use Off-Peak Bargains

Spend less on foods, hotels, swimming and airfare by eating out and travel at times. Most resorts, and lots of ticketed attractions, have specific prices for mid-week travelers, and lots of restaurants offer specials only for clients who come in prior to the dinner rush. These kinds of deals are a win-win since they save you cash and allow you to beat the crowds. Make the most of the newfound flexibility in your program and use it to perform all kinds of interesting things on the cheap.

Hint: As your lifetime is no longer ordered by a time clock, also be watching out for last-minute bargains to make the most of.

  1. Catch Each Senior Discount You’ll Be

Get in the habit of asking if there is a senior discount every single time you store, if you are booking a trip, purchase furniture or checking out in a thrift shop. You will be stunned at the number of locations offer a senior discount as soon as you begin asking. Maintain a notebook of all of the deals that you have found, so that you may make the most of these over and over. Some shops just offer a senior discount on a specific day of the month or week. These are the sorts of details you will want to put in your laptop, so you understand when to search for the best bargain.


  1. Satisfy Your Time with Free Activities

Now you’re no more punching a time clock, you eventually have enough time to explore all of the fantastic freebies that can be found in your area. Bone up on all of the free tools which you may get you together with your own library card. Check into the free programs provided by your city’s Parks & Rec division and senior center. When there’s something that you wish to do, there is a means to do it at no cost. Do the research to locate it.


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